1393585584Music is a universal phenomenon that has no borders. It crosses all the national boundaries, cultural differences and race discriminations. Music is a tool that arouses emotions and feelings. Music is such a tool that is much more powerful than language. The language of music is said to be known as “The language of emotions” that is limitless. ‘We listen to music with our muscles.’ Says the great musical philosopher,” Nietzsche”. While listening to the music one is tapping his feet, humming along the song or sometimes singing out loud, facial expressions also raise or fall as the melody changes these are all feelings that are attached with the music we hear. Music is not some random patterns of melody but much more than this, not only for the adults but for the children as well. One of the great advantages that music provides to children is that music training can dramatically improve motor and analytical skills. One of the study has shown that children who at least three years of musical training perform better than those who didn’t perform. Research has also showed that learning music also boosts up the cognitive functions and abilities of a kid. Such as, his memory, concentration, focus on studies and much more.

According to specialists, tunes can arouse the different areas of brain – including Hippocampus (it is the region that manages the area of long-term memory in the brain). When you pleasure your ears with the recognizable music, emotions and feelings that are related to the tunes are revitalized by the hippocampus.

When the brain imposes structural sequence of different sound, in its effect brain creates diverse meanings in result of this entire system. The brain imposes structure and order on a sequence of sounds that, in effect, creates an entirely new system of meaning. There is an idea that attains more attention is that music makes you smarter. Learning and listening music can actually craft better learning for the kids.  The different researches have find out that  the power of music enhances higher brain functions, such as, the abilities of “literacy and learning skills”, “spatial-temporal reasoning” and mathematical skills especially for children.

In a study that was conducted in 1993 about college students showed that students performed better in spatial reasoning test after they have listened to music. This study also showed that Mozart also helped in increasing IQ level. In 1998 the governor of Georgia and Zell Miller even offered to provide a music CD to ever new born baby of classical music.

The neuropsychologist “Nadine Gaab” has studied at her Boston children hospital about a child’s brain development. She is studying about children who have dyslexia and their connection with Forte Music Nz​ and learning languages. She says, “Initially we thought that it’s training the auditory system, which then helps you with language, reading and other academic skills.”

Therefore, it is very less to conclude that music is just not for part time job or any wastage of time. It is much more to explore, it is much more to invest in. being a parent of children either black or white, either rich or poor music is like a pal, it’s a compulsory friend that every child must have in his or her life. Do learn and let learn music.

I think all kids should be made to study drums,piano and singing as a mandatory curriculum as math,science,history, language are mandatory. I like drums because it would teach understanding and practice of rhythm as well as learning dexterity and utilizing separate of hemispheres (with drums you use left and right hands and feet.).Piano would continue understanding of rhythm /dexterity but would add the element of pitch. Piano is easy to understand pitch as all the keys are laid out horizontally low to high. Singing would teach people to utilize their bodies as music instruments as well as develop the physical muscles to vocalize, speak, articulate,communicate vocally which is very important in life to be able to do skillfully without fear or repression. I think we should embrace a broad spectrum of styles and encourage people to express themselves honestly,passionately, organically,creatively and push the boundaries.We should not hinder any person's attempt to play,learn,practice,engage music through economic means or by harsh,excessive criticism even if they may not seem to have have the talent of others or match our subjective individual tastes. music brings joy to the individual and cultivates the mind and body.

That music strengthens children" ability to comprehend logical thinking and creative thinking. I have seen 2 year olds do simple math problems with ease once they have had my class.